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  • Q: What do you need to get a quote from us?

    A: In order to get a correct and exact price for you, please send us specific techinical drawing of the part. We handle all drawing formats. Also if you can, please send us the original sample part to evaluate the price. And please also specify your order quantity for us to adjust the price.

  • Q: How many days do you need to quote?

    A: Please allow 2-3 working days for quoting.

  • Q: What material can you work on?

    A: We can machine PC, aclyric, aluminum series, brass, stainless steel series, POM
    When we quote, we will confirm if we can provide and make on your required material.

  • Q: How many days do you need to produce the parts?

    A: We will evaluate the delivery time for each order. The lead time depends on different part and different order quantity..

  • Q: What's your payment term?

    A: Generally, it's negotiable. For small order less than USD500.00, we usually do 100% T/T before prodution, to save your time and bank transfer charge.

  • Q: Can I have some samples before place the order?

    A: Yes. If you need the sample before place the order, we will offer 2-5 pcs sample for quality approval. We will charge
    basic cost of the part and freight.
    If you already place the order and need sample before mass production, we will possibly send it to you for free.

  • Q: How will you pack the parts?

    A: We will make sure that our packing can protect the part during long distance transportation.
    For small parts, we willpack them in a small plastic bag and wrap the plastic bag with thick foams.
    For big parts, we will pack them individually.If the part are easily get damaged or very heavy, we will consider
    packing them with individual carton and wooden outer case.
    If necessary, we will arrange shipping insurance for the shipment.

  • Q: If I found the quality is not good after receipt of the parts, can I get compensation?

    A: If we can correct the mistake, we will make the parts again and send to you for free.
    If it's out of our capacity, we will refund you the payment.

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